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Yoshi & Kirby is an online webcomic made by me, Ultimate Yoshi. It's a crossover between Yoshi and Kirby that is featured on various sites, such as Kirby's Rainbow Resort, Smack Jeeves, and the Brawl in the Family forums. To see the comic, go here:

Creation of Yoshi & Kirby (By Ultimate Yoshi) Edit

My very first comic was titled 'Yoshi & Kirby', yet it was nothing like the new Yoshi & Kirby. The comic was drawn, and featured Copy Kirby, a Yoshi with the ability to get abilities like Kirby, and a Shy Guy. This was basically a rip-off of Peardian's Kirby Vs. Shy Guy, found here: I made about three comics, then quit. My next big comic, The Kirby Sagas, was heavily inspired by Torkirby's comic, The Adventure of Kirby, found here: It was another drawn comic based on Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland. I made about 16 of these, wanting to put them on Kirby's Rainbow Resort ( They weren't very well made, so they never got put up. But from that comic I realized that I could make a good comic. But I disliked drawing them, so I decided to sprite the next one. The next one became the Yoshi & Kirby we know. The first comic went up on the Brawl in the Family forums ( on December 21st, 2009.

Making the comic (By Ultimate Yoshi)Edit

I make the Yoshi & Kirby comics in Adobe Photoshop CS2. To start, I open up a saved foreground file and copy a section into a new window. Then I get the background as well. Next, I add any character sprites in the panel. Last, I use the Rectangle Tool to make black boxes to type up my text in. The text color matches the basic color of the character speaking it. When it's all done, I save the panel as a Photoshop file and move on to the other panels. When all of the panels are complete, I open a new window to match the combined dimensions of the panels. I merge all of the layers on each panel, and copy the whole thing onto the new window. I repeat with all other panels. I add the empty gray space if I need to, then make black border lines using the Line Tool. Once it's done, I save it as a PNG file and post it on BitF and Smack Jeeves.